Terry's first experience on a motorcycle was in sixth grade on his friends Honda XR70. This ended abruptly when he failed to use the throttle properly and rode right into the side of his friends house. His love for anything with two wheels prevailed; causing him to own a variety of different kinds of bikes in the following years. When he turned 50, he realized that he wanted to do the things that he may not be able to later in life. He purchased his first BMW Dualsport with the desire to use it to travel the world.
Adventure Rider


Music has always been one of Terry's passions. He started playing the guitar when his parent's demanded it at the age of 7. He didn't really get into it until he was older, with inspiration from Cheap Trick and Kiss. Now he owns several guitars and often brings them on the road with him to keep him company.


Terry grew up in Menasha Wisconsin.
He now gets the best of both worlds with homes in both Florida and Wisconsin. 
He enjoys riding his motorcycles, traveling, boating, blogging, spending time with his family and playing his guitars. 
Terry with his helmet in front of the ocean

Ride Your Own Ride

Terry's main inspiration is through the people he encounters.
He says,
"The more people I acquaint myself with the more I personally trust that there are more good people than bad in the world. That goes for every race, color and gender; wealthy or aspiring dreamer that I have ever encountered! Good People! Everywhere!"
Good People


"Being on the road as often as I am gives me a chance to talk to a lot of different people. One empowers people through listening. My main goal perhaps, when I have a conversation, is to inspire or be inspired through their personal experiences and passions. Listening to a person;s ethos is a great reminder of why we walk this earth. Seeing another person's enthusiasm for life leaves me with a smile on my face and courage to face the day." - Terry 
Giving back