Morotcycle with guitar

Blog the Way focuses on music, motorcycles and travel, to help inspire people to “live their journey”.  Included will be information that we hope will encourage you on your own journey. Right now the site is focusing on Terry's experiences and the people he meets. In the future, the site will expand to include more in-depth information and fun anecdotes on every aspect of Blog the Way's mission, creation and direction. There’s sure to be something fun, exciting, and/or informative for everyone. We are having a lot of fun and hope you join us on the journey!

Terry Barwick started playing guitar and riding motorcycles at the age of thirteen in “small-town” Wisconsin. Fast forward many, many years, and Terry is married with seven adult children and thirteen grandchildren!
He is now on his way to “rediscover” the world. His passions for motorcycles and travel, in addition to a sincere interest in meeting people, have given him the uncanny ability to perceive adventure, even in life’s most mundane places.

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